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Work from home 2019

Working from home sounds like a dream job, especially if you’re tired of your 9-5 or prefer to be your own boss. There are tons of work from home opportunities and depending on what you choose, your skill set and experience this will set you apart from others. 

You don’t necessarily need a college degree or certificate (except medical billing, more research on whatyou want to do will show if you require certification.) but delivering some kind of degree or certificate related to your skill set will put you at a big advantage. Here are a few spots that provide complimentary classes;


  1. The HubSpotAcademy purpose is educating, inspire and change the way people and businesscome together. Some top free courses are CRM, Inbound marketing, and Sales. Theiraward-winning certificates is completed by hundreds of people.
  2. QuicksproutUniversity offers an extensive library of videos that will teach you how togenerate traffic, build an email list with Facebook and how to find the perfectniche. There are plenty more educational videos and how to’s, go look you willnot be disappointed.
  3. Google OnlineMarketing Challenge This is a great place for students, they get a real-worldmarketing experience creating campaigns for non-profit companies.
  4. E-MarketingInstitute They will introduce you to digital marketing, email marketing and somuch more.

If youprefer to select courses for the first time or to freshen up your memory and skills, you are instantly ready to show off your services. Not sure where tostart looking? Here are a few places to get you started;

  2. ZipRecuriter
  3. Upwork (Basic andPremium version)
  4. Craigslist
  5. Freelancer (Basicand Premium version)
  6. Fiverr

Plus, many more with a quick Google search. VirtualAssistants can earn up to $39,585 a year. You determine your own hours and pay, but many jobs will probably require at least 20 hours a week. Dont be discouraged if the first time you dont land a client. Build your brand, learn new skills and keep faith.


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