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Well, we all know Netflix and Hulu are great for binge-watching shows. Ever find yourself scrolling for what feels like hours trying to find something worth watching? I have and let’s be honest, we tend to spend more time searching for something interesting and by the time we find something, your kids need or want your attention, the phone becomes a distraction and now the TV is watching you.  I got a great list of must-watch tv series and movies of 2018 to help ease the frustration of the searching…

Netflix and chill have become one of the popular things to do nowadays. Even though I think our version of “Netflix and chill” really means lay on the couch in our pajamas, no makeup with our partners enjoying a good movie with popcorn. But, enough wasting time lets jump right to the shows.

 Between Netflix and Hulu they both have a great variety of tv shows and movies to choose from. To cut the search time short and get right to the binge-watching I’m going to tell you the movies and tv shows to watch. I know you’ll like them.



Netflix is very popular when it comes to streaming anything. It’s almost impossible to just choose one thing to watch. If you don’t have Netflix, you can receive a free trial. These shows and movies are very well worth it. 

Tv Shows on Netflix

  • The 100
  • American Horror story
  • Insatiable
  • Orange is the new black
  • Shameless
  • Breaking Bad

Movies on Netflix

Netflix is well known for their movie selections, and yeah, It’s a pretty great selection of movies but these are the movies I have watched and liked.

  • Bad Match
  • My teacher my obsession
  • Black Panther
  • Open house
  • Killer Elite
  • Hurricane Heist


Unlike Netflix, Hulu is known for their TV shows, and for this reason, I’m going to mention just the TV shows. These are my favorites and I know you’ll like them as well. *Side note* Some of the TV shows on Hulu have expiration dates so choose your shows wisely! 

  • Chicago P.D
  • Chicago Med
  • Chicago Fire
  • Manifest
  • This is us
  • The Good Doctor
  • New Amsterdam
  • The hand’s maid tale

There’s my list and I hope you enjoy these TV shows and Movies just as much as I did. 

If you have a favorite show on Netflix or Hulu, share with us. I’m always looking for something good to watch! 

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