Trust is not something given it is granted

Trust is not something lightly it’s serious

Trust is not something to play with you can die


Trusting the wrong person will kill your whole life, night after night you up cause of the lies, night after night you lay in your bed and cry.

Trusting the wrong person will kill you mentally… Mentally I don’t stand a chance with another lover because of trust, mentally I don’t have faith in another person cause of trust. 

Physically my body is tired cause of trust, I’m beating myself up cause I wanna trust…. But I can’t you broke that, trusting the wrong person I regret that, I trusted you to love me, never hurt me or leave, I trusted you to be here with me. 

You cant tell me i love you with all my heart, just to turn around and break it apart. You cant look me in my eyes and tell me to believe in you, when I don’t even trust you. The way you broke me then laugh like its ok, show me your not man, nor a boy but a baby. But it’s ok,  god don’t sleep and he gone get your ass one day..

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