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I always have a really hard time talking about politics and racism with people outside of family and friends. Racism is a very touchy subject and almost always lead to some sort of violence. But, I want to speak on the Jussie Smollett situation because some people seem to think he made it up or it sounds kind of bizarre. 


Jussie Smollett is known as Jamal Lyon from Empire, I loved that show since season 1, he is the gay son of Lucious Lyon. 

Now, according to news outlets and TMZ this attack happened because of his sexuality and color. The masked men were yelling MAGA which means Make America Great Again, we all know who said this First. He was also seen with a noose around his neck, the reason why this was called a racist act. Some family members and friends are outraged and placing blame on our president. (Do you blame them?) The attack was senseless and many people are calling it homophobic. Some don’t believe the situation even occurred and it was all a stunt. For example, he talked to the police around 2:42 or 2:45 and he still had the noose around his neck, the attack happened at 2:00. He did not mention the men said MAGA until he talked to police as well. I don’t see how this means he was lying or something sounds off about his story but, this is what other people seem to think. You can learn more on what Jussie’s family thinks here, Jussie family calls attack racist, homophobic and domestic terriosm attack.

I am just baffled at the entire situation, America was already divided in my eyes but, unfortunately, since our President came to office people are coming out of the woodworks with their true colors.ย  There wasn’t a day where I did not see a Police Officer wrongfully arresting someone, killing someone or planting evidence on someone of color. Or a random person, making racist remarks to people of different color, I had to take a break from my Facebook because that was all I was seeing, it was honestly giving me extreme anxiety, if you saw my last post anxiety and depression was controlling me, you understand how seeing all this mess was triggering my anxiety.

I hate what happened to Jussie Smollett and other victims because of hatred, do not think there is nothing you can do about it. A small gesture goes a long way. Our kids are our future, but, a lot of kids are not living to see theirs.

It’s not just about the racist people and our president, the world is just jacked up, we have kids and teens going missing every day. I pray for my kids daily hoping I will not be a mother that lost her kids due to violence, racism or pedophiles. We as Americans need to come together instead of dividing ourselves because of color and hatred.

United we stand, divided we fall

John Dickinson


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