Overcoming Depression

The mind is a terrible thing to waste. 

Arthur Fletcher

When I was going through depression, I was in a really bad state. I didn’t want to eat, talk or be around people. I got to a point where I did not get out the bed unless I was going to the bathroom. I was falling and falling fast, thoughts of suicide filled my head but I was too scared to do anything. But, my family and best friend never gave up on me and gave me, and I started trying to reprogram my subconscious mind.


You are what you believe

For years I called myself dumb, said I will never accomplish anything. I would start a hobby or school and didn’t finish because of how I felt about myself. Every day I would start something or have ideas and say “that’s not good enough” or “you can’t do that” and I would believe it, I would quit or never attempt to do my idea. I believed I was stupid and dumb, I believed I would never accomplish anything in life. I was what I believed in myself. I took notice and started doing affirmations – talk/think positive of yourself and it will affect your conscious and subconscious mind. Every morning I said “I WILL be great”, I am beautiful” etc… You have to repeat and believe.


Meditation is a wonderful and powerful tool as well. It focuses on inner peace, and boy, I needed inner peace. Meditation taught me to relax, breathe and clear my mind. My mind was always running, always scared something bad was going to happen, fear and anxiety. So, I thought meditation would be a waste of time. But, as I mentioned in a previous post mommytime I found a great app that helped me, taught me how to meditate, focus on my breathing and clearing my mind. This along with positive affirmations is a great first step when trying to reprogram your subconscious mind. 

Motivational speakers

I love listening to motivational speakers. My favorite speaker is Les Brown when he speaks the truth you feel it in your soul. He tells you to repeat certain words “affirmations” and he makes you laugh. His laugh is contagious, his backstory gives you hope and he all around just make you believe in yourself. Law of attraction is another motivational YouTube channel and their speeches feature a lot of quotes and affirmations from celebrities and billionaires they even feature Les Brown. Every person that you hear has a story to tell, every quote that you hear will stick with you. Believe and you will achieve!!

Write down goals

Reading and writing have always been a passion of mine. But, depression took that away from me (temporarily). Less Brown always say write down your goals, ideas, and thoughts. I started writing down everything, I downloaded a diary app and it’s great, I prefer to write on pen and paper. I have my goals, ideas, and future blog posts (now) that I am in the blogging world. Blogging has been helping me too, it feels great to just write down and share with the world how I feel versus holding it inside and letting my mind take over. Write down how you feel, repeat words on paper or your diary app. Write down your short and long-term goals and check them off. Reward yourself whenever you accomplish, even the smallest things. 

It takes time

Nothing changes overnight it takes time and patience. You have to want to change, you have to believe and you have to find yourself and love yourself. I was depressed for years, and I’m still working on myself, still finding myself the difference now… I love myself, I want to live, I believe! 


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