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Shady Family Tree

Picture by: Pexel

We all have someone in our family that think they are better or have more money than everybody. Every time you see that person or people you put on a fake smile, fake laugh and pretend to listen to them and care about what they are saying.

Have you ever felt like the black sheep? Trying to include yourself in conversation just to get ignored?


I use to do just that, go around family I know don’t care for me, I know look down on me and think they are better. I use to fake smile in their face, pretend to listen and care what they say, only to think to myself “why am I here”? Well, not no more, I no longer surround myself around my family.

I know what you’re thinking, the family is important, they are your support system (blah, blah) yes, all that is true, but what I learned is they don’t have to be blood to be family. I have more support outside my family than I do within.
And I have a family, just not outside my circle.

Picture by: Annie Scott

Younger being around my family was something I looked forward to every holiday, birthday or Sunday dinner. But as we got older, things happened, people passed and we were never the same. Have you ever felt like the black sheep? Trying to include yourself in conversations just to get ignored? Well, I have and it’s uncomfortable and embarrassing. Knowingly, ignoring someone when you see that they’re trying to talk to you is just plain rude. 

Now, don’t feel bad for me. I have no more anger, no more frustration, no more questioning myself, and no more embarrassment. I am no longer trying to be a part of something that will never be. Yes! They will always be immediate family, there will always be “love”. But “we” my family will not be there and I know its a mutual feeling. 

Hey, that felt good to talk about. Do you agree or disagree with me? Do you have shady family members?


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