Noonidoo Milestone Blanket

Ok, I am so excited to tell you guys about the Nonidoo Milestone Blanket, I am so in love with it already. It’s so soft, I mean really really soft, it’s beautifully designed and it comes with all the essentials you will need to not only make your precious baby comfortable while sleeping,but take amazing pictures.

I love the stencil hearts and the design cards, they have the cutest phrases like “Do not disturb I’m taking a nap” and you can even write your own phrase. I can think of three phrases right now that I’m going to put on my card. 


I don’t know about you guys but, I love taking pictures, especially of my kids and their milestones. Remember your child’s first time crawling? Yup, I got a video of that, or your child sleeping? Or my favorite how about a picture when your baby turned 1 month? I had to make my own milestone blanket for my oldest and it wasn’t easy for me, lol she wouldn’t stay still and I had wrote how old she was, at the time I didn’t have a cute onesie that said she was 1 month. 

What I really love about the blanket is it’s not just for babies, I mean it’s meant for babies but I have cuddled with it and fell asleep. (Oops) my mother loves it and she’s going to order her one to cuddle with on her couch. It’s that comfortable, you will feel like a baby! You don’t have to necessarily use it for just pictures, it’s perfect for a cold day and you going for a walk, or a quick nap, like I did. 

I promise you, you and your baby will love it, just check out the amazing reviews this product have. And an added bonuses if you use my code you can receive a 20% discount on any design of your choice! How awesome is that?! The code is valid until August so go get your Nonidoo Milestone Blanket now!! I want you guys to love this just as much as I do!!

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