Morning sickness,  Pregnancy

My first pregnancy

My fear of elevators consumed me, I walked up seven flights of stairs in active labor.

When I first found out I was pregnant, my best friend and I was at her home back in 2011 just joking around and, she wanted to go get a pregnancy test for herself. We went to the store still laughing and joking, get the pregnancy tests and headed back to her house. She takes her test and she is negative, she had two more tests so, I decided to take one, just messing around I knew for sure I wasn’t expecting but boy was I wrong. That day my life changed… 


I walk out of the bathroom, shocked, confused and scared of what my mom and family will think. I went home and hide all day, it took me 5 1/2 weeks before I told my mother that I was having a baby. She reacted as any mother would, she was disappointed for a while but she eventually embraced the thought of being a grandma. 

Being pregnant for the first time, I was expecting the worse, heartburn, huge belly, back pain, and frequent bathroom breaks. What I was really nervous about was the morning sickness, I don’t know one person that actually enjoy being face down in the toilet, especially pregnant with weak bladders. Luckily for me, I didn’t experience a lot of morning sickness but when I did, I learned ways to help ease the symptom. I talk more about that in Morning sickness is Rude. 9 months went by so fast any day now my sweet angel can bless us with her presence. 

I was scheduled to be induced June 29th and the closer it was getting the more nervous I was becoming. I was having Braxton hicks contractions (false contractions, but still uncomfortable) and was sure I was in real labor for two weeks straight. A week before I was due for induction, I was feeling so much pain and pressure, I didn’t think it was actual labor ’cause I was looking for my water to break (like on TV) water gushing all on the floor like pee. Nope, didn’t have that. So, I went on with my day still in pain, soaking in the tub every hour trying to ease what I thought was Braxton hicks. 

Around 5 or 6 I just couldn’t take the pain anymore and told my mom about the pain I was in. She knew I was in labor, I was still in denial I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t ready to be a mother (should have thought about that before having unprotected sex), my mother said. We got to the hospital and did the usual paperwork and time came to get on the scary elevator. (I have anxiety attacks being near one.) My fear of elevators consumed me and I walked up seven flights of stairs in active labor. 

When I finally reached the L&D and got settled in the nurse came in, checked me and said “I see her head, she’s ready to come now” wait, what? I just got here, let me breathe, again I’m not ready. My precious baby said “Ready or not mommy, here I come” after pushing three good times my daughter finally arrived. Weight 5 pounds and 6 ounces. I couldn’t believe what I just experienced, this was nothing like TV, all the pain I was feeling immediately went away when my daughter made her entrance into the world. My life was never the same, no more late nights out, no more thinking about myself, I had a whole little person who needed me and they needed me now. 

Welcome to the world baby girl!
Mommy loves you!

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  • Daily Mom

    Lol, I was in my head, the deed was done and I just went with it. But as you know, I am happy and grateful for her.

  • Terell

    Guhhh I aint know this story. 😂😂😉 How you found out 😂😂😂 man If o was a girl I would been saying what the fuck the whole 9 months lmao.

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