What is forgiveness? Can you easily forgive? Can you look at that person or the situation the same? Do you believe in order to have pure happiness you must forgive? 

When I was growing up I was taught to forgive, my mother made it look so easy. For a long time, I didn’t know half the pain she went through and how she still has a pure heart of gold. Now I understand, it took me years to forgive people without them telling me “I’m sorry”.” 

I use to wake up every day with hatred, I couldn’t be around certain people without getting angry. I didn’t.. Couldn’t trust anybody anymore, not even family. The pain ran deep within my veins and in my heart, I knew it would be a while before I ever forgive.


You know how a person you grew up with betray you, or a family member disrespects you in a manner that you feel is unforgivable? Well, you know how hard forgiveness can be. What’s that old saying? “Easier said than done.” Yup, and how true is that? It was easy for me to say I will forgive but at the time it wasn’t in my heart to forgive. When it came to family, I would go around them because they are family but I had anger towards them because how they handled certain things. Even growing up I noticed and heard things but didn’t really understand or should I say care at that time. 

When family and friends started betraying me it was easy to be mad regardless of what it was doing to my health. It was physically and mentally draining, for years I held it in, crying at night and pretending to be happy. 

When I started my path in finding myself, I learned to love myself and ask for forgiveness, I wanted a pure heart and I wanted to forgive those that wronged me. I never received an apology and after all these years I’m not expecting one. I have forgiven, it took me years to overcome my anger and pain, but now I feel light, energized, focused, determined and most importantly I feel free!! 

Forgiveness is restoring relationships and removing guilt. I restored my health, I restored my life, I restored my faith. If you can forgive you are so much stronger than the person you are forgiving. Live your life and be the best you!! 

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