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Episodes, not just a game.

I use to love reading, my favorite author is Zane. She has a variety of amazing books that leave you on the edge of your seat or wet in the bed 😉 (e.g Sex Chronicles, Shame on it all.) But, after having kids, school and just all around busy I couldn’t read like I wanted and so I slowly stopped. But my passion for reading was still alive and when I learned about ebooks I was excited to try it out. But, this is not about ebooks, no. This is about an interactive reading game, at first glance you will think it’s for preteens and teens but it’s far from it. This is Not for all ages.

Episodes is an interactive storytelling game where you read and make choices. Yes! It’s a game but once you read you will enjoy the great graphics, storyline, and customization. A lot of the characters you can customize to your liking, your main character, and lover, parents and sometimes friends. If you like fashion you also dress your character in different clothes and hairstyles. Some of the stories on episodes are from TV shows, like Pretty little liars, Clueless, Mean Girls and Demi Lovato. Some stories also include youtube stars. My favorite, you can create your own episodes story for everyone to enjoy. I started my own episodes story but haven’t finished it yet. But, if you downloaded and started reading episodes, you will eventually see my work. The community is awesome, you have your own avatar you can customize, you can follow other authors and learn about new stories. 

Episodes are free to use but they do have in-app purchases for things like more passes and gems. The gems are important for some stories, for example, you have 3 choices, the cute dress, ugly dress or very naughty dress. The naughty dress will be in gold and most likely worth gems and once you read a story that has gems you will receive one, once you finish that chapter. I like to collect them. But, without the gems, you will live.


You can also purchase more passes. When you first start you are only given two if you continue to read episodes you can get up to 4. They also have a streak and if you read for 7 days they reward you with passes. That’s the downside of episodes, they generate passes every two hours. It’s not bad if you’re a busy person and can wait two hours but, if you’re impatient that will be a problem. And if it is you can purchase more. They also have unlimited passes ad-free for 30 days. I am always buying the unlimited passes. 

If you decide to check episodes out I am going to help you find some great starter books to read that will get you hooked. 

  1. Bad Boy’ girl
  2. Stripped
  3. Pregnant by a Killer
  4. Chain Reaction ( This is a series)
  5. Rebounding with bad
  6. Grace

They’re plenty more stories but I rather have you look over them. If you download and find a story you like let me know. And if you already read episodes, I would love to hear your favorite story. Click episodes and enjoy!!  


I am not affiliated with episodes, therefore I am not receiving commission.


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