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Do you hide from your kids?

My not so secret hiding spot

Picture by: Cristina Gottardi

Well, this might sound mean but I promise I’m not. I love my kids, they are my world and I would do anything for them. But, sometimes they drive me NUTS and I think to myself, “I need a vacation” and knowing I don’t have the money for one, and I can’t just up and leave. The next best thing is… 

The bathroom, yup you heard me. I go to the bathroom for no reason at all just to get away from my kids. It’s peaceful they know when the door is closed not to bother me. Sometimes, they still come upstairs and call my name just to see where I am, or complain about their phones and my least favorite fussing over one toy. Don’t get me wrong I feel bad sometimes, but if they don’t want anything nobody is hurt or dying that guilt goes away pretty quickly and I continue playing candy crush.


Now, I’m not in the bathroom for hours just enough for me to meditate and gather my thoughts. Sometimes I really do have to use the bathroom and that’s a plus for me… More mommy time 😊. The more bathrooms the better, I don’t have to keep walking up the stairs, just a skip down the hall and I’m in my “zone”. 

It’s ok to give yourself some space from your kids. Especially if you’re a stay at home mom, we need this time to ourselves, we need a mental break from reality time to time. Yes! We are superwomen and we can do anything and with a little moment of peace, we can feel high on mental and physical energy. 

  1. Do you hide from your kid(s) sometimes?
  2. Where is your hiding spot?


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