Bully No More

I am an overprotective parent an when I see my kids hurt or in pain I turn into mama bear wanting to protect her cubs. When I first had my oldest I knew eventually she would have to start school, ad every day that haunted me. I was not ready, I was terrified of leaving her with a complete stranger. I knew i would have too and I prayed and still pray for my kids every day.

Her first time in school

Her first time in Kindergarten I enrolled her in a private church school, I did all my research, read reviews made phone calls and heard fantastic tings about this school. I was happy and ready to enroll her. First couple days was hard on me, she was ready, she loved it. She is a very talkative, friendly, sweet child. She loves al animals and people, she don’t have a mean bone in her body. 

But, after a few months all that changed, she cried, she was angry a lot and sometimes she did not want to go to school. 


I had to make her talk to me, I had to be bad and good cop at times. I stayed up there at the school, I called them constantly wanting to know why my sweet, sweet child was acting out at home. It really came to a head when she came to the car pool with. BIG red bruise on her face. I demanded to know what happen. That’s when she told me a little boy was bullying her, this was not some 5 year old spat. He was hitting her, calling her racial slurs (yes, a 5 year old), pushing her off the jungle gym, calling her fat and ugly. My 5 year old told me one day “I don’t want to be black anymore” she also said “I m fat and want to cut it off”. 

Needless to say I withdrew her from that school immediately, and tried every day to talk to his parents. The teacher and dean claim they never saw or heard a thing. It took me years to boost her confidence and to love herself and her skin. Sad to day that was hard at one point to me, because I did not have that self confidence in myself. But, I needed her to love herself and not to believe what he said to her. 

She loves herself, her skin and her body, she tells me everyday GOD made her this way and if he loves her, she loves herself. I am so proud of her, but now it’s like it started all over again at her new school. Two little girls this time was bullying her but, this time I am doing things a little differently. 

I went to the Board of Education, now she is having a great school experience and I know, she and I will have to deal with this every where but, as long as I am alive I will protect my children, I am screaming bully no more, kids need to feel safe at school, they need to know someone cares. Home school is in our near future.


  • Kaye

    I love how this blog post empowers parents especially mothers to speak up and take action against bullying. I myself do not have kids yet hopefully in the near future 😉but I would do the same. I can’t stand kids being bullied as I myself had experienced it. However everytime I ask my younger cousins about how school is it breaks my heart everytime they tell me they get bullied because of their skin colour. We are currently living in the UK and came from the Philippines and do get some stares especially when I was at school. However this should stop, and kids as young as they are should be taught how to be open minded no matter what colour skin you have we are all human and deserve to be treared fairly and with respect. ❤️👍

    • Daily Mom

      Exactly! It breaks my heart as well, I hate to say this but, I blame the parents. Children are not disciplined and like you said taught. Thank you

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