4 artist to check out 2019

Music is therapy no, it really is every time I start feeling down or start feeling anxious and nervous I always write down what I’m feeling while listening to music . Music is the power to the soul, don’t you think?

I don’t necessarily have a specific genre that I listen to I love all kinds of music, I really want to tell you guys about these 4 artists that have great music and they are coming up in 2019. You may have already heard about them but I’m just gonna write about them anyway.

  1. Ava Max– Ava Max is 24 years old from Wisconsin with the number one on the top 40 for her song Sweet but psycho I love that song. She also worked with different artist, another one of my favorites is Jason Derulo.
  2. Ella Mai– Now I know everyone has her boo’d up by Ella Mai this is one of my favorite songs that I started playing on repeat in my car, all in my feelings. She has a beautiful voice and she was number five on the top 40 charts and that’s awesome.
  3. Freya Ridings– Freya is known for her beautiful song lost without you. I love this beautiful song and her voice is amazing. Her song spent quite some time on the top 40 charts as well.
  4. Major– And last but not least my favorite artist of all time of the major known for his Song honest and why I love you and this 34-year-old from Denton Texas has a beautiful soulful voice and you was with love love love him. He makes you want to be “honest” with him. Ha

Now, I know my list is short and there are many more artist to talk about. Trust me, I will definitely talk more about my top 4 artist and more!! What’s your favorite song from the artists above?



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