Tv series and movies to watch 2018

Well, we all know Netflix and Hulu are great for binge-watching shows. Ever find yourself scrolling for what feels like hours trying to find something worth watching? I have and let’s be honest, we tend to spend more time searching for something interesting and by the time we find something, your kids need or want […]

My first pregnancy

My fear of elevators consumed me, I walked up seven flights of stairs in active labor. When I first found out I was pregnant, my best friend and I was at her home back in 2011 just joking around and, she wanted to go get a pregnancy test for herself. We went to the store […]

Overcoming Depression

The mind is a terrible thing to waste.  Arthur Fletcher When I was going through depression, I was in a really bad state. I didn’t want to eat, talk or be around people. I got to a point where I did not get out the bed unless I was going to the bathroom. I was […]